Our PATHS Team is comprised of professionals with extensive experience working with underrepresented minority groups in academia, informal learning, and industry.

The PATHS program is guided by the expertise of:

  • A Core Leadership Team which directs all aspects of PATHS programming
  • A Steering Committee which assists in designing, implementing, and disseminating the PATHS programming 
  • An Advisory Committee which helps with developing shared goals and metrics, assessing the collective impact of the PATHS coalition, and offering guidance for future improvements and growth
  • Partners which provide high quality programs, events, opportunities, or connections for broad participation in STEM through multiple pathways

Core Leadership Team

Robert Chen

Dean, School for the Environment, UMass Boston

Kim Frashure

Professor of Environmental Science, Bunker Hill Community College

Shirley Tang

Professor of Asian American Studies, UMass Boston

Crystal Schaaf

NASA Science Team Member of MODIS, VIIRS, and Landsat Satellite Sensors

Kim Hamad-Schifferli

Professor in Engineering, UMass Boston

Arthur Eisenkraft

Professor of Science Education, UMass Boston

Cedric Woods

Director, Institute for New England Native American Studies

Erik Siggelkoe

Professor in Engineering, Bunker Hill Community College

Kris Grymonpre

Science Teacher, Boston Public Schools

Elizabeth Osche

PERG Learning

Tobias Berkman

Consensus Building Institute

Brandon Chambers

Consensus Building Institute

Aimee Bonanno

Project Coordinator, UMass Boston

Kimberly Starbuck

Urban Harbors Institute, UMass Boston

Steering Committee:

  • Core Leadership Team listed above
  • Irene Porro (McAuliffe Center)
  • Lisa Freed (iRobot)
  • Raji Patel (MA Space Grant)

  • Tori Goyette (LinkedIn)
  • Christine Reich (Museum of Science)
  • Nuri Chandler Smith (Bunker Hill Community College)
  • Maria Puente (Bunker Hill Community College) 
  • Nicole Gilmore (MITRE)

Advisory Committee:

  • Jerry Lassos (Tongva)
  • Vijay Kanagala (Coordinator of the Higher Education in Student Affairs Program, Salem State University)
  • Pam Eddinger (President, BHCC)
  • Liya Escalera (Vice Provost of Academic Support Services, UMB)
  • Jim Irons (Director of the Earth Sciences Division, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
  • Connie Chow (former Executive Director, Science Club for Girls) 
  • Alicia Carroll (African American STEM educator, East Boston Early Education Center)
  • Marianne Dunne (Senior Project Coordinator, Boston Public Schools Science Technology and Engineering)
  • Allison Little (Assistant Commissioner, MA Dept. of Higher Education)
  • Yvonne Spicer (Framingham, MA)
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